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Portage River Festival

Had a really fun day today at Elmore’s Portage River Festival! Mom and Ron came over and we all walked through the exhibits and then came back home and I grilled up a super meal for us all! It was a fun day! Photos here…

MIT OpenCourseWare

Well, thanks to iTunes and MIT, I’m going to take some courses.  🙂  MIT has this OpenCourseWare program where they offer lectures and other course materials for free online.  VERY cool!! First up, Physics 8.02,  Electricity and Magnetism!

Going postal…

So, I had to run to the post office in Rossford real quick over lunch… and there was one guy in line ahead of me. He bought $820 worth of first-class stamps. He paid cash. I just thought that was amazingly odd. They also had commemorative LeBron and Tim Duncan stamp/card/folio things. *shrug* Oh… and […]

Fun in the sun!

Had a fun, but kind of exhausting weekend. Highlight was yesterday when we went out to the Schedel Arboretum and Gardens with my boss and the 3 workers from India that have been at Glasstech for a few months. I put those pics up on Picasaweb here. After that, Kelley, Maryellen and myself returned home […]

I always thought the banjo was the one thing that could have saved Nixon…


Well, I have a CT scan of my head tomorrow. Really looking forward to that… yep… suppose it’ll come back blank? Har har har…. Not sure I should stand behind that Cav’s prediction at this point, but you never know. 3 at home… stranger things have happened! Not sure what else to talk about. I […]


Cavs in 6. Why? Not sure… just because… no real reason. Oh… and… LeBron!


Wow… not since the Michael Jordan “Flu” game against Utah have I been so completely impressed, blown away, and even moved by an individual performance in a basketball game. Last night, LeBron James was simply phenomenal. He was “on,” he was in “the zone,” he had “the look,” whatever you want to call it, he […]