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Now that’s purdy!!

I took some pretty good macro photos over the Memorial Day weekend. I’m pretty pleased with some of them so I put them up in the house gallery. There’s a few pretty good pictures of our squirrels in there too. 🙂 I like squirrels!! (Roodi, however, doesn’t).

Bottled Beer!

Just got done bottling 33 16oz bottles of Endocrine Ale! It was a long affair, but it was partly because it’s been gray and rainy all day and I just kind of took my time with it. I put a few more photos in the photo gallery I started back on brew-day. Check them out […]

Hot and cold…

How come blogging is so hot and cold sometimes? I just haven’t had much to say here in the past week or so. Got the gardens all planted (veggie & flower). Did some repairs and sprucing up around the house. Haven’t bottled the beer yet, but it’s time to. I just don’t have it in […]

Slick Picasaweb Flash Stuff

Shots from my phone…


Had a really busy, but good weekend. Maryellen and I got all the flower beds planted and mulched on Friday and Saturday. Then had a nice Mother’s Day with mom and Grandma yesterday and capped it all off with brewing some Endocrine Ale beer last night! Pics (and a couple movies) of Mother’s Day festivities […]

Endocrine Ale Label

Well, I didn’t brew the beer yet, going to do that tomorrow after getting some of the spruce growth from my Grandma’s place tomorrow (that’s GOT to be good Mother’s Day karma, right??). I did, however, come up with the label… or at least something pretty close to what the final label will be.

Strange Brew

Gonna brew a beer today or tomorrow. I went to Titgemeier’s this AM to pick up the store-bought ingredients, but I’ll have to talk a walk around town with my pruners and a zip-lock to get the essential spruce growth. 🙂 I’m re-creating IQX… probably my favorite brew that Moss and I made back in […]

Why don’t you…

Why don’t you purify yourself in the waters of Lake Minnetonka??