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It doesn’t get much better than this!!!

Good news. You have been credited $.03/yr for each domain name you registered or renewed dating back to July 1, 2006* — $.12 has been placed into your Go Daddy® account with this customer number:XXXXXXX Drinks are on me!!


Well, since the last post WAS a little preachy and depressing… lol here’s a picture of an ORANGE Callaway C16 Corvette. It’s one thing dad was going to do after the surgery that he didn’t survive… buy a Corvette. I’m pretty sure he’d have LOVED this one!

6th anniversary of my dad’s death

Well, dad died 6 years ago. 🙁 Haven’t stopped missing him… haven’t stopped thinking about him every day. The recent health scare with Maryellen certainly was a little more “real” because of my memories of 6 years ago. Tonight though (I’m writing this on Thursday evening), I found a video from EJ, Jr. Ernie Johnson […]

Follicular Adenoma

Well, we got the final lab results back yesterday afternoon, and the original diagnosis of follicular neoplasm has been modified. Instead what they removed was a follicular adenoma, which is a BENIGN growth of the thyroid! YAY!! Talk about a load off! I know all the testing and uncertainty was necessary… but geez, it would […]

All’s well!

Just stopping home for a bite to eat, to let the dog out and start some laundry, but I wanted to post and say Maryellen came through with flying colors. She’s got a nice little incision that looks really good. The initial lab work on the nodule was negative for cancer!! They’ll send what they […]

The Date…

Six years ago today, my dad had what ended up being his fatal surgery. Good thing I’m not superstitious… Up early and headed to the hospital. It’s going to be a good day. I can feel it!

Tundra Swans

Well, while we continue to wait for Maryellen’s surgery on Monday, I thought I’d post some photos I took a month ago or so. Back in March for several days we noticed a large flock of white birds in some fields just west of Elmore. I thought they were gulls, but after the third day […]

New Blog

Myself, along with a few others, have started the AyZiggyZoomBlog and we’ll be blogging about BGSU and the BGSU sports world. Check it out if you are a fan.


This is the final installment in the trilogy of “shows” that Moss and I created back in the day (which was a Wednesday). It’s probably the worst of the three, IMO, but it has its moments. This was much more spur-of-the-moment and had zero preparation, but again, it has its moments.

Owner of a lonely fiddle

This kid is from BG. His father is legendary in the music department of BGSU… Now it looks like Alex is becoming quite the legend in his own right!! I’ll continue the video blog trend here with Alex DePue wowing them at an open mic night…. (play it… it’s not as geeky as you might […]

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