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Rockets’ red glare….

Wow… this is NOT good for the UT football and/or basketball programs. In fact, it’s just plain BAD for everyone involved in UT athletics, and it could cost them DEARLY… It’s already making national headlines… Here’s the actual complaint filed in US District Court in Detroit by the FBI.

Getting even sweeter…

A talented guy on my other site put together this banner for the BGSU women’s team and I really liked it, so I thought I’d give it a little more exposure. GO BG!!

HUGE win!!

One of the biggest wins in BGSU sports history last night and definitely the biggest in the women’s basketball program at BGSU and for the Mid American Conference. Just amazing ladies… just amazing! Roll Along! Arizona State in the Sweet 16 on Saturday!


Tonight the BGSU women’s basketball team plays Vanderbilt in the second round of the NCAA tourney. No MAC women’s team has ever made the Sweet 16 before. A win tonight would be historic for both BG and the league as a whole. The game tips at around 9:30 Eastern time in East Lansing and will […]

Follicular neoplasm

Well, let’s see… Since November, Maryellen has not been well. She had an MS exacerbation right around Thanksgiving and hasn’t really gotten anywhere back to her “normal” since then. About a month or so ago, she went to see our family doctor regarding some neck pain, and he ordered an MRI. The scan showed a […]

Woahhhhhhh ohhhhh oh ohhhhhhhh

This was from… oh, 1988 or so, maybe? Tim Bock and myself in Tim’s parents Pontiac 6000 STE in Ravi’s driveway. Ravi is behind the camera. This is quality entertainment, right here… er… um… yeah…

Obligatory birthday post

It’s my birthday… along with Jeff, Eddo and Shaquille O’Neal and Ed McMahon. I think Ed McMahon is the only one in that list older than me. Oh, and my iPod turns 2 today. 🙂 Here’s the hospital where I was born 37 years ago. (if you have Google Earth installed, click the photo to […]