I’m really surprised at how affected I feel tonight by the news that Dennis Johnson is dead. He was a “minor” player on the HATED Boston Celtics teams of the 80’s. He was ugly… but he was just pure basketball. He wasn’t flashy, he wasn’t cocky, he just played really, really well all the time.

I was a Lakers guy and a Bulls guy and I always HATED the Celtics. From Kevin McHale to Jerry Schisting, Bird to Chief to Ainge… Amazing players all, I realize that now, but GOD I hated them. Dennis Johnson was so bland and non-offensive though, he didn’t get the hate that some of the others might have. He’s the whole reason I know anything about Pepperdine University.

It’s just weird that someone from that era… the era when I ate, slept, breathed and existed for NBA hoops… up and died. He was 52.

RIP Dennis Johnson