OK, several people have asked me what kind of car. Sorry… lots going on right now with other things and the new car is actually kind of secondary… but here are the photos from the Brondes website. I don’t have the car yet, they’re going to detail it for me before I pick it up after work tonight. It’s sharp though. I’m pretty excited even if it doesn’t come through in these posts.

Details, it’s an ’06 Mazda3 S Touring Edition. It only has 7700 miles on it. 2.3L engine, relatively Zoom-Zoomey, but not FAST by any stretch of the imagination. Big 17″ rims with 50-series rubber on them. I think it seems like a great car and I got a great deal from Brondes Ford Maumee!

Zoom Zooooom Zooom Zoomity-Zoom