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Oh yeah… I forgot…

This was Maryellen’s car as of about 6:30 AM on Wednesday. 🙁 Black-ice and fog, not a good combo. She’s OK, but there’s about $2300 in damage to her Honda.


I’m really surprised at how affected I feel tonight by the news that Dennis Johnson is dead. He was a “minor” player on the HATED Boston Celtics teams of the 80’s. He was ugly… but he was just pure basketball. He wasn’t flashy, he wasn’t cocky, he just played really, really well all the time. […]

We got dumped on!

Photos rarely do a good snowstorm justice.  We got about 10″ with drifts around 4′ in my yard.  I took a few photos before shovelling out completely.  Glasstech sent us home early when the blizzard warning was issued on Tuesday and we were closed yesterday as well (although I did go in for a couple […]


Well, we’re supposed to get about a foot of snow here today. I’ll believe it when I see it… Here’s what SHOULD be a current view from one of the ODOT webcams about a mile from where I work. (hit refresh for the latest picture)


OK, several people have asked me what kind of car. Sorry… lots going on right now with other things and the new car is actually kind of secondary… but here are the photos from the Brondes website. I don’t have the car yet, they’re going to detail it for me before I pick it up […]


I bought a new (to me) car tonight. Whoopie! is cool

Free, online image editing and tweaking.  Nice!