So, yesterday was BUSY BUSY BUSY at work… that, in and of itself, isn’t generally anything out of the ordinary. It is frustrating to be so busy and see others at work who aren’t… but that’s life.

What made the day so crappy was lunch… Went out with a couple of co-workers and we were headed to Buffalo Wild Wings. Took my car, Jim in the front w/ me and Stephanie in the back seat. We got to the parking lot of the little mini-mall place where BW’s is and my car died. Just died. I heard a high pitched Vzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz and then the engine just stalled. I cranked it and cranked it and it wouldn’t start. SO, we had a Chinese fire-drill (sorry if that’s politically incorrect… I don’t know what else to call it). Jim and I jumped out and ran to the back of the car, Steph climbed in behind the wheel and we pushed it 100 yards or so to a parking spot. Steph had never driven a stick-shift before, so she was trying to stop it by pressing the clutch. lol… but she finally figured it out. 🙂

Went in to the restaurant and had lunch although I was pretty much fuming the whole time… Stephanie called her mom who lives just down the street from where we were and she came and picked the two of them up and took them back to Glasstech. I got hold of AAA, waited for the tow truck and rode to the garage with him. Got a rental car from the garage and headed back to work. Ugh…

I have no idea what went wrong with the car. I’m guessing it’s something with the fuel system, and based on the sound I heard… I’m going to guess the fuel pump just fried or something. Who knows. For now I’ll drive the snazzy little Pontiac G6 and try not to worry about what it’s going to cost me to fix the VW. I love the car when it’s right, but man, it’s had a lot of problems. It’s an ’04… it shouldn’t have things just BREAKING on it. 61,000 miles on a diesel engine is barely broken in. 🙁