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Vee Dub

Well, I got my car back yesterday, new turbocharger.  Drove it home and it’s woefully underpowered (probably about 60% of where it was) and then tonight, less than 24 hours from getting it back, my check-engine light came on.  Yeah… it’s not right.  Gee… go figure. That sound you hear??  It’s me, banging my head […]

Dog Whisperer

Cesar Milan is my hero! Period!

VW has lost me…

Well, as much as I love my car when it’s running well, I’ve decided that once I get it back, I’m going to trade it in on something else. It’s really only had 2 major issues, but each of those issues has taken it out of commission for days and even weeks (today is the […]


Hmmmm, I’m sitting here at the Way Public Library in Perrysburg on my lunch hour and the fire alarm strobes are going off. There’s no audible alarm and no smell of smoke, so I’m not going to worry about it. It’s pretty funny though, no one in here is phased in the least. The strobes […]

This is awesome!!

For a Daffy junkie like myself, it’s amazing to see Mel Blanc actually doing the voices and sounds. The English horse winney and the car are just classic!! Thanks to Kris for knowing I’d love this!!

Another craptastic day….

So, yesterday was BUSY BUSY BUSY at work… that, in and of itself, isn’t generally anything out of the ordinary. It is frustrating to be so busy and see others at work who aren’t… but that’s life. What made the day so crappy was lunch… Went out with a couple of co-workers and we were […]

The needful…

OK, we’ve got several folks working at Glasstech now from India and I just LOVE the way they communicate. My favorite phrase (and it’s consistent among all of them thus far) is “Please do the needful.” For example: Hi Grant I have tried logging into Vault after restarting the computer, but the problem is still […]

Moving forward

Dr’s appointment today. Things are the same in that regard, pretty much…. Feeling a little less funky today, thanks to Bootsy Collins and George Clinton. 🙂 Actually, I’m kind of excited! I placed my order for some pepper seeds today. Something I haven’t really gotten excited about for a couple of years. What’s so exciting […]


I’m in a funk and just don’t feel like posting. So there.

Merry New Year!!

No, it’s not beef jerky time… but for our New Year’s Eve celebration yesterday, we just made some really yummy food and ate WAY too much!! M made some decadent brownies and I made breadsticks and an amazing pizza w/ fresh mozzarella & goat cheese. Holy cow! It was good!!! I love photographing food, so […]