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I know what I’M doing tomorrow night!!

Er…. um…. yeah.

Couple of eBay auctions

Just in case any of you are looking for vintage rangefinder cameras… 😉 I have 2 eBay auctions going right now, one for an Argus C-44 camera and the other for a Zeiss Ikon Contax… both are circa 1950 and both work! Happy Bidding!!

Feel-good story.

Great story about some local girls who missed the bus and were late for school for a reason. 🙂

Mt. Hood

All the coverage of the lost climbers on Mt. Hood has been bitter-sweet… On one hand, it’s a tragic story of the loss of these men and the heartbreak of their families… but on the other hand, it’s round-the-clock coverage of my favorite place ever…. so… I’m torn. I love seeing Mt. Hood, remembering our […]

More from Mars

Thanks to Tony (aka “Jackass“) 😉 who zoomed in a little closer on the Martian image I linked to last night. He found some pretty amazing stuff!! down for the moment…

Thanks to my hosting company’s screw-up… is unreachable at the moment. I apologize to any of you who may be wanting to get there who may be checking in here for some info. They are aware of the issue and things should be back online before the day is done. Here is some contact […]

They just keep going and going and going….

They were designed to work for about 90 sols (days) on Mars…They just went over 1000 sols!! The Mars Rovers are going on close to three earth years of operation now! Why don’t we hear anything about this amazing NASA success?? I find it so incredible that I can be sitting on my couch in […]

Use iTunes??

Peter Gabriel (yes THAT Peter Gabriel) has some software for you! It creates custom playlists automatically based upon your mood and many other criteria. I guess it “knows” your music and works off of that. It’s called The Filter. Windows users can download it now. A version for Mac users is in alpha testing right […]

344 Lincoln St.

It was 10 years ago today that we closed on our house. Not sure if it seems longer than that or not quite that long… In any event… just kind of kooky that we found that out last night completely randomly…

Harrison’s New Car

Well, yesterday Maryellen and I gave her ’96 Sunfire to our going-on-16 nephew, Harrison. We had co-ordinated it with his parents over the past weeks and they had kept it secret from the kids. They were TOTALLY floored and surprised and excited!! How fun?!?!?! Our only stipulation to Harrison was that when Kayla (the next-oldest) […]

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