in kind of an anti-geek move, I bought my first Moleskine notebook today. Grabbed it at Books-A-Million over my lunch hour. Not really sure why, no real plans for it, but I love writing. Yes, I mean the creative process of putting thoughts down into print, but I also mean the actual physical action of pen on paper. Actually, I love pencil on paper more, but for my Moleskine I’ll be using ink.

I think I’ll just use it as a journal/thought-bank. I often hear things I want to note, or get an idea I want to remember later… it’s not always easy to fire up the laptop (especially with my battery in the state it’s in) and I’ve NEVER gotten into using a PDA. So, I plan to have my little black book with me almost constantly in order to make notes when appropriate. I’ll be in some pretty lofty company!