I’ve migrated away from the modified Kubrick theme I’d been using here with WordPress on this blog and started playing around with AquaFluid. So far I like it a lot more… I’m still messing with the CSS and the templates, but for now, this is the new look. It’s a little more open, a little less cramped I think. Comments??

Thanks to Tony and Matt for the image rotation script in the header. I hope to fill it up with a bunch of my photos. 🙂 (got about a dozen in there so far…)


Just to elaborate, every time you visit, the potential is there that you’ll get a different image in the header. I’m having fun slicing up some pictures in creative ways… if you’re on Windows, hold down CTRL and hit F5 to reload the page and get a different image. On a Mac, I think it’s SHIFT + F5.