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Happy Halloween!!

Not my favorite holiday, by any stretch of the imagination, but tonight was kinda fun. Handed out lots of candy to the kids of Elmore and Roodi was a ladybug. 🙂

Our porch as of about 30 minutes ago….

Edit…and now that it’s dark out…

Icicle Works

I heard this song on XM’s 80’s channel on the drive in this AM and thought, “Wow… now THAT is just about as 80’s as a song gets!!” Just a great song, fun beat, awesome sounds… a classic that I’d forgotten about! And is it just me, or does the lead singer look like a […]

Great “Good News” post from Dilbert’s author, Scott Adams

Having lost his voice PERMANENTLY, or so he thought, Scott has started to find ways to speak again. Really interesting post about a funny guy and a bizarre malady.


My little red car has over 56,000 miles on it already, it’s not 3 years old yet.  I filled up this AM and checked my mileage for the first time in a few months.  46.8 mpg.  I’ll take that.

New theme!

I’ve migrated away from the modified Kubrick theme I’d been using here with WordPress on this blog and started playing around with AquaFluid. So far I like it a lot more… I’m still messing with the CSS and the templates, but for now, this is the new look. It’s a little more open, a little […]

New Bravia Ad Debuts Tomorrow

Remember the ad with the bouncing balls I told you about last year?? It was, and still is, the most amazing TV ad I think I’ve ever seen! Well, their new ad debuts online tomorrow. I’m pumped!! Check it out at There’s a teaser up with some production photos there now… but tomorrow should […]


I’ve got a fever…  🙁  I NEVER get a fever.  In fact, my temp usually runs a few degrees below 98.6* so having a fever for me means I have a pretty high fever. OK… enough whining… I’ve just felt icky all weekend and it kind of all culminated in feeling like total crap today. […]


I’m no baseball fan, but I’ve got to acknowledge the Tigers’ win last night. Pretty exciting, impressive, and great for baseball if you ask me. Nothing better than a smaller market team showing that they can do it! Especially in MLB where $ is so often all it takes. It’s great too, that Perrysburg native […]

Bible verses…

I’m a Christian, and one of my biggest peeves as a Christian is dealing with those so-called “Christians” who just don’t get it. The “Christians” that protest at funerals, the “Christians” that say AIDS is God’s way of ridding the world of gays, the “Christians” who think the world would be better if we just […]

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