Pretty progressive for a little podunk town.  (I love my little podunk Elmore though…) 😉

From the Port Clinton News-Herald:

The village of Elmore installed a 50-meter Meteorological Monitoring Tower Friday, Aug. 25, in conjunction with North Coast Wind & Power, LLC, on village property next to the Ohio Turnpike.

The tower will monitor wind and weather conditions for a 12 to 18-month period to collect data for a feasibility study.The tower has instrumentation at three levels to collect information on wind speed, wind direction and temperature changes over the course of the study. The project is to determine the viability of wind turbines being installed for clean renewable electric generation for the village’s residents.

Village council OK’d the $21,595 study in early June. The council voted 4-2 to hire Blackwater Environmental, a West Virginia-based firm, to do the study in conjunction with Northcoast Wind & Power.Daryl Stockburger, chief project consultant for North Coast Wind & Power, LLC, supervised the project. Buck Stoiber, superintendent of Elmore and the utility crew assembled and raised the tower with assistance of a line truck and crew from the Village of Oak Harbor. The Village of Oberlin and Bowling Green also assisted in a cooperative effort with expertise and equipment. Steve Watts, of Green Energy Ohio installed, tested and programmed all of the monitoring equipment used on the tower.