Well, I’ve been on vacation this week. Actually started early by leaving work at noon on Friday to head up to the venue formerly known as Pine Knob for a concert. 3 top Christian rock bands (two of which I REALLY like and the other of which was Maryellen’s all-time favorite). It was a great concert! Jars of Clay and Third Day rock!!! Michael W. Smith is great too… Anyhow… here’s the pictures from that.

The rest of the week… It’s been busy and has gone fast. We finally got to Cedar Point on Tuesday. What a BLAST!!! Rode all the biggies. Great adrenaline rush!

Then last night I went out with Ravi, Saradhi and Todd for some pre-wedding stuff. That’s right, Ravi is getting married on Saturday!! I picked up my tuxedo today. It will pretty much consume the rest of my weekend. Tomorrow is rehearsal and dinner. Saturday is wedding and reception. Then Sunday is a smallish brunch for close friends/family over at the Narra household. Should be fun!!!

On a completely unrelated note… Here’s my dad in 1969 in Panama. 🙂