NBC News’ Brian Williams really pissed me off this morning. He was phoning in to the Today Show “live” from Edinburgh, Scotland to talk about the thwarted terrorist threat discovered by the British government. After a brief recap of the timeline of events, he said, and I’m quoting as best I can remember, “Of course, the REAL tragedy here is the hundreds and hundreds of travellers… most of whom are on vacation… who are being inconvenienced by this heightened state of security.”

With all due respect (and there’s truly not much respect due) the REAL tragedy???? (his emphasis, not mine) Come on… how is it tragic that people are late for their flights home? I understand it’s an inconvenience, and probably a pretty big one at that, but a tragedy??

No, a tragedy would have been the mass murder that this broken-up plot would have caused; thousands killed in 10 planes blowing up mid-flight and crashing into the ocean. THAT, Mr. Williams, would have been a tragedy!

Mr. and Mrs. Jones and their little Kaden and Courtney getting back to the states a couple days late, that’s just an inconvenience. Quit trying to shift the focus away from the real issues at hand.