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If you hear some high notes coming from Heaven….

RIP Maynard Ferguson. I got to see/hear him live at BGSU about 15 years ago and he totally blew me away!! A jazz great and the most spectacular trumpet player of all time (maybe not the best… but easily the most spectacular)!  Gonna fly now….

And the wedding….

Pictures from the rehearsal & dinner….

Took a lot of photos at yesterday’s festivities… Wedding and reception are today.  Hopefully I can get some more good shots.

It’s almost upon us…

Well, I’ve been on vacation this week. Actually started early by leaving work at noon on Friday to head up to the venue formerly known as Pine Knob for a concert. 3 top Christian rock bands (two of which I REALLY like and the other of which was Maryellen’s all-time favorite). It was a great […]

Tragedy vs. Inconvenience

NBC News’ Brian Williams really pissed me off this morning. He was phoning in to the Today Show “live” from Edinburgh, Scotland to talk about the thwarted terrorist threat discovered by the British government. After a brief recap of the timeline of events, he said, and I’m quoting as best I can remember, “Of course, […]

Gosh, it’s hot…

Since this has taken a decidely Looney turn here of late… In the immortal words of Hugo the Abominable Snowman…. GOSH, it’s hot!!