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Let’s All Square Dance!!!!

HILLBILLY HARE (McKimson-1950) Promenade across the floor Sass shay right on out the door Out the door and in to the glade And everybody promenade Step right up, you’re doing fine I’ll pull your beard, you pull mine Yank it again, like you did before Break it up with a tug of war Now into […]

Just maybe…

Maybe, JUST maybe… the finest website ever!!!

Schedel photos

We went to Schedels LAST weekend (7/8) and I posted photos, but never mentioned it here. Maryellen took her camera too and posted hers on the new Picasaweb system. Also, Moss has posted some great new photos from a trip he made to Takayama. Looks pretty amazing there!

Oh, wah-oh!

I have seven, yes SEVEN, distinctly different versions of Video Killed the Radio Star in my iTunes library. The original, by The Buggles. Remakes by The Presidents of the United States of America, Erasure and the Ben Folds Five. And 3 different version by Geoff Downes, the original co-author and keyboard player. One with vocals, […]


I’m really sick of terrorism…

It’s MY job, let ME do it!

I love it when users fancy themselves as IT pros. Today I’m investigating an issue where AutoCAD Electrical crashes for one user each time he tries to do a specific operation. Well, this guy is relatively new and he’s asked his co-worker for help. That’s fine… if they can support themselves, that makes my life […]

It sneaks up on me…

Well, I was fine all day long, but now… for some reason… sadness and depression have snuck up and hit me square in the chest. Why? Because it’s the 4th of July. America’s Independence Day. I don’t have The Porch. I blogged about it last year, but guess it’s only really hitting me right now. […]