Dear Mr. Cummings:

Thank you for your prompt removal of The Far Side cartoon from However, I must also ask you to remove the smaller version of the cartoon from Thank you again for your compliance with Mr. Larson’s wishes.


Andrea Fryrear
Permissions Department
Creators Syndicate
310.337.7003 (phone)
310.337.7625 (fax)

You can’t even read the caption on it…. but, um… ok. This just makes me laugh! That tiny little thumbnail must be cheating Creators Syndicate (and shouldn’t that be “Creator’s Syndicate” if it’s a syndicate OF the creators?) out of so much moola… what a waste of their efforts. Then again, I suppose it is a violation of copyright, but then, so are all these.

Ms. Fryrear has a lot of work ahead of her!