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VEE DUB Representing Deutschland INNA HAUS!!!

So, my buddy, Jason, here at Glasstech, is writing a program to inspect (for lack of a better term) tempered and bent glass that comes off of our furnaces (or any glass, for that matter). It’s tentatively named AutoGlassInspector, but he calls it “Pointer and Bitwise Math Hell.” Anyhow, it manipulates JPG images and then […]


Listening to my iTunes on random tonight after updaing to OS X 10.4.7…. I realized that there’s an 80’s artist that I REALLY like but never really admitted it before… Maybe “admitted it” isn’t the right phrase, but I just didn’t realize how much I liked this guy. Kenny Loggins. OK, he’s not specifically an […]

Warren Buffet giving away BILLIONS

Well, the world’s two wealthiest men made headlines in the past week or two. Bill Gates announcing he’s slowly phasing himself out of day-to-day operations at Microsoft, and now Warren Buffet annoucing he’s giving away 85% of his worth starting next month (valued at about $37B dollars today… yes… that’s a B, as in BILLION)!! […]


Ho Hum…


🙁  Weather’s no good for Cedar Point today.  Boooo… looks like we’ll be grocery shopping instead.  Almost the same thing. This sucks.  Twice this summer we’ve planned Cedar Point trips, and twice it’s been poor weather.  *sigh*

The Point on gay day

Getting psyched up for our (almost) annual trip to Cedar Point on Father’s Day!!! We first went 5 years ago I think, right after my dad died, and learned that it’s a fantastic day to be there!! The combination of families wanting to be with their dads on Father’s Day, and the fact that homophobes […]


Dear Mr. Cummings: Thank you for your prompt removal of The Far Side cartoon from However, I must also ask you to remove the smaller version of the cartoon from Thank you again for your compliance with Mr. Larson’s wishes. Sincerely, — Andrea Fryrear Permissions Department Creators Syndicate 310.337.7003 (phone) 310.337.7625 (fax) […]


From: Subject: The Far Side copyright infringement Date: June 5, 2006 8:37:15 PM GMT-04:00 To: Reply-To: June 5, 2006 Mr. Grant Cummings PO Box XXXX Elmore, OH 43416-XXXX Via E-mail: Re: Notice of Infringement of The Far Side® Cartoon: Dear Mr. Cummings: Creators Syndicate, an international newspaper syndicate, syndicates Gary […]

Dancing Elvii

Moss is in Nagoya, Japan… in Nagoya, Moss sees dancing Elvis impersonators. Moss got some photos and some video of these guys. It’s all so bizzare, but still very very cool.