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Racked it to the carboy…

I love that phrase! Sounds like an 80’s lyric from The Clash or something, doesn’t it? Anyhow, Maryellen and I racked the beer to the carboy last night. Checked the specific gravity, took a taste, and sealed it back up in the carboy where it continues to ferment and bubble away. It’s got a beautiful […]

Diagnostic post

This really doesn’t concern you… stop reading now!

It’s Half Full, Honey!!

Well, after a 3 year hiatus, I brewed beer today!!  I brewed a batch I’m calling “It’s Half Full, Honey!”  It’s an amber ale brewed with orange blossom honey.  Should be yummy!!  It’s sitting in the primary fermenter right now… hopefully it’ll be bubbling to high-heaven by tomorrow and drinkable in a month or so.  […]


So, what’s in your iTunes library? Here’s the rundown of mine. I have 2663 songs totaling 11.19 GB. I could play them non-stop for 7.7 days without repeating a song. I’ve seen some others do this in their blog and thought it was cool, so here’s the first song in the library, the last song […]

Worthy Wilderness Wisteria

My grandma called me this evening to tell me her wisteria was in full bloom and beautiful. Well, what good is life if you don’t stop and smell the flowers?? I went out there with Roodi and took in the sights and smells. On a day when there was a bunch of other crap going […]

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