Wow… hard to believe it was 5 years ago today that my dad died. I told one of his friends yesterday that it feels like it was just yesterday… but it also feels like it’s been forever. I still miss and think about dad every single day.

Today my thoughts are also with my brother, friend, and former roommate, Mark, who lost HIS dad to cancer the exact same day I did. We’ll have to get together to toast our fathers soon, Mark!

One other thing that’s happening today… Nancy Chow, wife of Pastor Mark Chow, who was with us in Columbus when dad died, helped dad come to terms with his cancer, and was at dad’s bedside when he took his final breath, will be at the James Cancer Center in Columbus today (where dad died). She was diagnosed with Leukemia just after Christmas. Today is the start of a potentially amazing process for Nancy, she has her first meeting to get the ball rolling for a bone marrow transplant today. My thoughts and prayers will be with the Chows as they look forward to a healthy life ahead for Nancy. How wonderful that a day that’s always held sadness for me can hold so much hope for the Chows!!

As always, I miss you dad…