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Still gives me goosebumps….

Awesome commercial out there right now for the 21st version of Nike’s Air Jordans!! The video shows kids in 4 or 5 different Jordan “moments.” It’s REALLY well done. Watch the video here… (it’s about 7MB) If you’re a fan of MJ this one’ll give you goosebumps. At least, it did for me!! Oh, and […]

Anti-Hack limerick

Embedded deep in Intel based Mac’s… the following poem can be found. Your karma check for today: There once was a user that whined his existing OS was so blind he’d do better to pirate an OS that ran great but found his hardware declined. Please don’t steal Mac OS! Really, that’s way uncool. (C) […]


Photography on the brain today. Had a really awesome meeting with a photographer here in Elmore today… excited about some things we discussed. More to follow on that… I found this via Rui’s blog… pretty amazing work! Cool concept!

An anniversary…

Today is the 3rd anniversary of Maryellen’s dad’s death. Anniversaries like this are weird for me, the totally distort time. It seems both much longer than 3 years ago and also not nearly that long. In any case, John Lee is missed; I think moreso as time passes. His character is appreciated more and more […]

One of the best places to live??

Thanks to Ravi for the heads-up on this one. Check out the Progressive Farmer Magazine 200 Best Places to Live in Rural America! #75 on the list, well, it’s a little place I call home! 🙂 Also, I’ve spent several days in #10 on the list and think it would be a pretty sweet place […]

And now you find yourself in 82….

February 1, 2006 – In conjunction with Asia’s 25th anniversary the four original members–Steve Howe, Geoff Downes, Carl Palmer, and John Wetton–plan on celebrating the 25th anniversary of the creation of Asia with a CD, DVD, and world tour. The original members wish to convey their heartfelt thanks for the global support, love and enthusiasm […]

An Epiphanny

Epiphanny Prince, a 17 year old New York City high school student, shot 54 – 60 from the floor (that’s 90-freaking-percent), on her way to 113 points last night.  113!!!!!!!!!!  Hey Kobe… Pass the ball! A lot of people are saying, “That’s not fair..” or “How could the coach do that to the other team.”  […]

John Kerry

OK, I’m not big into discussing politics, and I don’t want to blanket the entire Democratic party, but here’s what I just saw/heard. Last night, President Bush said, in his State of the Union address, “Americans are addicted to oil.” This morning, on the Today show, my favorite anchor (sarcasm), Katie Couric, was interviewing John […]