Well, starting Monday night, Glasstech experienced 2 power outages w/in 24 hours of each other.  What fun.  We’ve got all our servers on APC backup batteries, but they don’t do any good when the power goes out at 11PM and is out for a couple hours.  Grrrrr…  then yesterday, Edison was trying to fix the problem and blew out power again for 40 minutes or so over lunch.  Luckily I got everything shut down gracefully, but that’s just servers.  The rest of the day was spent fixing crap issues… so annoying.

Anyhow…  BG hoops tonight.  Yay!!  That’s it for now.  I upgraded to WordPress 2.0 and wanted to make a new post to see how it differs… it’s slick!  If you’re a WP user, I’d recommend the upgrade.