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Happy New Year!!!

Happy Lunar New Year!! 2006 on the Lunar calendar is the Year of the Dog… so, here’s Roodi! I was born in a dog year too. 🙂 Maybe that’s why I love doggies so much??

Couple of new blogs…

A couple of my friends have recently birthed blogs. David and Jon are both old friends and both former co-workers. David may actually be the oldest continuous friend I have, come to think of it. Both are musicians, both are pretty introspective and philosophical, so their blogs will probably be quite interesting. Anyhow, Jon’s blog […]


I’ve mentioned the beauty and amazement that is Tunak Tunak Tun in the past on this blog… apparently, thanks to the wonder of Google, I’ve learned I’m not the only one who is smitten with this little ditty. Speaking of Google Video… do a search on Schedel and you’ll come up with a couple of […]

Late Christmas

We had out last Christmas get together of “2005” on Friday night. My mom and Ron hosted the King family Christmas. We’ve gotten together with Maryellen’s sister’s family since we’ve been married and since my dad died, we’ve included mom and grandma too. This year, we had them come our way instead of heading to […]

I’m selling my dual-cassette deck…

It was state of the art when cassettes were cool, when mix tapes ruled the world, and when it was cool to buy the more expensive chrome and/or metal tapes because they sounded AWESOME!! It’s a great tape deck, a Sony TC-WR665S, I just don’t have any need for it what-so-ever anymore. If you want […]


OK, this is one of the coolest things I’ve seen in quite some time. The Rasterbator (great name for the service too…) will take your photo and blow it up into a giant PDF of dots that you can print out on multiple pages that you can then re-assemble into a giant version of your […]


Well, starting Monday night, Glasstech experienced 2 power outages w/in 24 hours of each other.  What fun.  We’ve got all our servers on APC backup batteries, but they don’t do any good when the power goes out at 11PM and is out for a couple hours.  Grrrrr…  then yesterday, Edison was trying to fix the […]