I’m still kind of dragging lately. I had an interesting week. Lots going on at Glasstech. A great new co-worker! Lots of big projects that involve me getting things prepped for them, etc.

Also got to spend some quality time this week with a friend who I always really liked, but now like her even more. It’s nice getting to know people better. Kelley had a health scare this week… thank God she’s ok… but it gave her the week off, so we got together for lunch a few days. Very cool!

I bought another domain name this week w/ the intention of actually turning it into a business opportunity. We’ll see how that pans out. $8 is a pretty small investment for something that might pay off down the road.

Working tomorrow… joy.

From Book of Satuday — King Crimson

She responds like a limousine
Brought alive on the silent screen
To the shuddering breath of yesterday…

There’s the succour of the needy
Incredible scenes
I’ll believe you in the future
Your life and death dreams

As the cavalry of despair
Takes a stand in the lady’s hair
For the favour of making sweet sixteen…

You make my life and times
A book of bluesy Saturdays
And I have to chose…

Larks' Tongues in Aspic