I’ve been sick for the past 24 hours or so… started feeling bad yesterday at work. Got home and felt worse and then spent last night on the couch alternating between sweat and shivers… Today I went in to work for a few hours and wished I hadn’t… got sick.. then I almost passed out in the shower. You know how if you close your eyes really hard you start seeing those weird patterns?? Well, that just started happening in the shower, so much so that I had to sit down because my vision was pretty much gone and I thought I was going to fall. Things straightened back out though, and after getting sick one more time I feel a bit better now. Hopefully it’ll be gone tomorrow.

A good friend’s mom tried to commit suicide last night. He already lost his dad to suicide.. and this was his mom’s 11th attempt. How awful that must be for her… and how awful for him.

Another good friend’s mom had a hysterectomy and exploratory surgery today because she was recently diagnosed with uterine cancer. 🙁

On a good note though, Maryellen is in Columbus tonight for a “reunion” w/ two of her best friends from high school!! I hope this will bring her some happiness. Lately she’s been in a real funk. Perhaps this will de-funk her!

This little bit of an AMAZING Diana Krall song seems apropos tonight:

I stepped out in a sunlit grove
Although deep down I wished it would rain
Washing away all the sadness and tears
That will never fall so heavily again

Is the kindness we count upon
Hidden in everyone?