How much of your brain is holding music lyrics??? I mean, really. I listen to the 80’s channel on XM and I know over 90% of the words to over 90% of the songs. Isn’t there something better I could be using that brain capacity for?? Do I really NEED to know all the words to “Vibeology??” Is it that important that I can sing along with “Don’t Pay the Ferryman??” Why can I still sing every word to every song on each of the first 3 Asia albums? Doesn’t this stuff ever leave your brain?

In high school, I learned things. This was the same time when I was listening to this 80’s music, right? Well, I don’t remember much from, oh, let’s say, Mr. Eickel’s World History class. Yet, if I was to hear “Be Good Johnny” come on the radio, I could sing along to the entire thing. It’s not like that was a BIG hit… it’s not like I’ve listened to it constantly since 1980-whatever… the lyrics just stick there… forever embedded in my gray matter!

This struck me today when I got my word of the day. It’s “thanatology.” I knew what the word meant. Well, I guessed what the word meant and was right. It’s the study of death and the psychological mechanisms of dealing with death. Pretty cool… how did I know that? Because of the poem “Thanatopsis.” I had to memorize this poem in high school. It’s all about death and dying. It rhymes… Is that the common thread? Grant’s brain likes rhymes? Is that the reason I know “You be Illin” from start to finish?

I started writing this post months ago and just realized it had been saved. now it’s 3:47 in the morning, I can’t sleep, and this post is still as true as can be. I think I’ll set it free from the draft hell it’s been contained in. Oh, and I heard “God Gave Rock and Roll” from KISS yesterday… heard it for the first time in at least 10 years… sang along w/o missing a beat… even during the Paul Stanley “sermon” at the end… sheesh. Stupid brain.