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Let’s Go Crazy

Dearly beloved, We are gathered here today to get through this thing called life Electric word “life,” it means forever and that’s a mighty long time but I’m here to tell ya, there’s something else… The afterworld, a world of never-ending happiness, You can always see the sun, day or night, So when you call […]

Let’s all square dance!!

… Now lead your partner, the dirty ol’ thing Follow through with an elbow swing Grab a fence post, hold it tight Whomp your partner with all your might Hit him in the shin, hit him in the head Hit him again, that critter ain’t dead Whomp him low and whomp him high Stick your […]

Lyric o’ the day…

So if you wake up this morning And those blues are hanging round, yeah… Just listen baby, I’ll tell you what to do, Just reach underneath your bed, And turn on your electric friend, yeah…. Woah, and send a buzz to me, Cuz you know where I’ll be, And then you can join me, in […]

A new idea….

Well, I’ve gotten a little tired of “blogging” per se. So, I thought I might try something a little different. I thought I might try something a little more rapid-fire. There’s been TONS going on in my life lately, but much of it I haven’t really wanted to share with the world, so I haven’t […]


1. Open the web page you want to quote. 2. Select the quote and drag it to the “Drag stuff” box.A new blog post containing the quoted text magically opens. Flock Well, ok, I downloaded it and am trying it.  This post is actually coming from Flock’s built in blogging tools.  Looks pretty cool, like […]

Hee Haw salutes Elmore, Oh, pop. 1300

SAAAAAAAAAAAALUTE!!!! Just found this photo of my high school Alma Mater’s new varsity soccer team playing. Yeah… we’ve always been, and always will be, hicks!!

Happy Birthday

Had a good time tonight in Bowling Green at a friend’s 24th birthday bash!! Happy Birthday Leslie!!! Here’s the pics!

Brain space…

How much of your brain is holding music lyrics??? I mean, really. I listen to the 80’s channel on XM and I know over 90% of the words to over 90% of the songs. Isn’t there something better I could be using that brain capacity for?? Do I really NEED to know all the words […]


Well, what a roller-coaster my emotions have been on these past few weeks. I can’t even begin to describe it. M’s been dealing with some MS related health isssues and has been very discouraged, so I feel like it’s my duty to try to stay “up” for her… and yet, I’m having my own issues […]