Geez, it’s been a BUSY week AND weekend… not much to report other than configuring computers and working on finish carpentry. Kind of boring…

I put together a pretty sweet video (iMovie RULES!!!) of our baptism for our friends, Doug and Jenny, the two other members of our home group who were baptized along with us. Four versions (of varying quality) are up at this URL:

If I get more photos, as I’m supposed to, I’ll add them and update the video somewhere down the line.

The music is “Worship You” sung by Lauren Miller on the “First Light – The Music of Cedar Creek” CD.

Here’s a couple of stills of the ceremony. First one is right after Maryellen came back up. I like it because you can see the two of us, obviously, but also Pr. Chow and my lovely 88 year old Grandma Rife!! I’m SO glad she could join us and baptize us!!

This one is of me looking up to the heavens before going under. I just think it’s a pretty cool image. 🙂

Cool look...