Well, 11 years ago today I got married!!! It’s weird, but I love Maryellen more today than I even KNEW was possible back then, and back then, well, I knew it ALL!!

Today we’re going to the Black Swamp Arts Festival in BG… it’s our annual anniversary outing, we’ll probably get a nice meal out tonight too. And tomorrow we’re being baptized!!

Yep, I don’t talk a whole lot about my faith on here, nor do I in the “real world” much, I prefer to set an example by how I live my life and how I treat other people in hopes that someone I come across might think, “This guy seems to have a pretty good grasp on things….I’d like to live like him”

I’m a Christian, and I try to love everyone… sometimes that’s hard, and sometimes it ends up hurting, but it’s the only way to live. It’s how Christ lived. “Christians” who bash other religions, who bash sexual orientation, who CONDEMN others for ANY reason are SO far off base. I can’t stand that… in fact, it almost kept me from wanting to profess myself AS a Christian. Others doing wrong doesn’t mean I shouldn’t do right though. God loves us all… we should all love each other.