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Happy Birthday Google!!!

It’s hard to believe Google is only 7 years old today. Still a babe and already taking over the world. 🙂

Truly Afflicted

I’ve had this video on my hard drive for a couple years now… not sure why I haven’t shared it before now… I think it may still be available on the Porsche website, but it looks like there’s only a flash version of it up there. I was lucky to grab the Quicktime version when […]


Have you seen ?? Google’s rather ambitious project to scan and index millions upon millions of printed materials (ie books!!) The library is relatively small at this point, but you can see how it’s going to work. I searched for “Elmore, Ohio” and got an excerpt from a ghost book about the headless motorcycle […]

Baptism video

Geez, it’s been a BUSY week AND weekend… not much to report other than configuring computers and working on finish carpentry. Kind of boring… I put together a pretty sweet video (iMovie RULES!!!) of our baptism for our friends, Doug and Jenny, the two other members of our home group who were baptized along with […]


Well, 11 years ago today I got married!!! It’s weird, but I love Maryellen more today than I even KNEW was possible back then, and back then, well, I knew it ALL!! Today we’re going to the Black Swamp Arts Festival in BG… it’s our annual anniversary outing, we’ll probably get a nice meal out […]


Not sure what’s up, but I haven’t slept well for the past 3 nights. Monday night, I couldn’t GET to sleep until after 2AM…. yesterday wasn’t as bad, but I still only got 5 hours or so, then last night, I woke up at 3 and couldn’t fall back to sleep. I HATE that!! Spent […]

Couple of quick things…

Taking a quick break from configuing a butt-load of laptops… Just a reminder that the BG/Wisconsin game is on ESPN tomorrow at noon eastern. Tune in! It should be a pretty good matchup! And, while we’re on the subject of football, check out the latest edition of Ohio Magazine. This article in particular. I’m famous!! […]