I just had my dinner… I walked out to the garden, picked 2 red-ripe tomatoes, a jalapeno and a yellow bell pepper, brought them in, sliced up the tomatoes, added just a little salt and some freshly ground black pepper and chomped!! Oh man, there’s NOTHING better than fresh ‘maters!!!

So, I’ve alluded to the rafting injury… here’s what happened:

There’s this spot in the White Salmon River called “Stair Step.” Well, I came out of the raft over the first part of Stair Step and then smashed into a really big rock with my right side… I kind of wrapped around it. Then the raft, with the remaining 6 people in it, slammed into me as it went through the rest of the rapids… I grabbed hold of the rope on the side of it and kind of was drug through the rest of the Stair Step until we were in slower water… I was completely stunned and in shock. My raft-mates pulled me out of the 42 degree water and back into the raft. The guide, who is the owner of the rafting company and also an EMT, said “I could tell you were hurt by the way your eyes kind of popped out!” LOL

This is Stair Step… you can see the rocks.. I was positioned where the person with their paddle up above their head was…
My Nemesis

So anyhow… it STILL hurts… ribs cracked, innards and organs bruised, back screwed up and black and blue… good stuff! Seriously though, it was so much fun!! I still went through the rest of the river hurting, but it didn’t get REAL bad until later. I’m thinking the COLD water helped keep things in check for a little while at least.