Well, I finally uploaded a plethora of photos last night from our trip to the Pacific NW. Seriously, there are a ton. I tried to whittle them down to a manageable bunch, and did drop about 100 from the original set, but oh well. You don’t HAVE to look at them all. That’s what thumbnails are for. 🙂

Highlights include the 2 sunsets on Cannon Beach; the rafting photos are fun; and the mountains. I’m also uploading a QTVR from our bed and breakfast. Pretty amazing view. The camera didn’t catch the “majesty” of it all, but you can get a little feel for it by checking it out in this way. (You’ll need Quicktime to view it)

I have yet to add comments to the photos, so if you have a question about anything, just email me or post a comment to this entry. Word.