What a blast that concert was!! Beautiful venue too, outdoors in Sandusky, right on the lake, Cedar Point off to your right…

Asia rocked!! I didn’t know exactly what to expect, because when I think of Asia, I still think of John Wetton, the original lead singer. John Payne, the current singer, has done more albums and been with the band longer than Wetton ever was, but still… Payne was killer though!! And the rest of the musicians that were there with Geoff are top notch too!! Chris Slade on drums (formerly of AC/DC, Manfred Mann’s Earth Band, The Firm) and Guthrie Govan on guitar (one of the best guitarists I’ve EVER heard live) blew me away, especially Guthrie!

Anyhow, here’s some photos from the evening… enjoy them!
Only Time Will Tell