I haven’t written much lately, have I? I’ve been busy busy busy with work. Seems like I no longer want to fire up the computer when I get home at night. 🙁

One kind of cool thing I’ve been doing lately is working on editing a book that my dad wrote before he died. It’s a pretty good story. Not particularly my type of book, but in a pulp-fiction, gumshoe kind of mystery way, it’s good! I put it into Word and have gotten the chapters all set now. I now need to print up a copy and re-read it, marking it up while I go. I’ll have to go through and change names too; dad used real names to keep things straight while he was writing it.

We’re pretty close to entering month #3 w/o TV in the Cummings household. I’ve got to say, it’s really been fantastic!! I’m not so sure I could do it w/o XM Radio though. I’ve read a LOT, we’ve talked a lot, spent a lot more time outdoors… it’s just been really liberating!