Well, I was contacted by WTOL Channel 11 and they wanted to put me on air as well as some of the kids who participated in the “official” graduation ceremony at WHS. After much thought, I declined and sent the following response to them:


The more I think about it, the less interest I have in perpetuating this “story” any more. If you want to do anything, feel free to read my first email on the air. I stand by that and don’t feel it needs much clarification. I don’t see any good in putting some of the graduates who attended the official cermony on-air, and fear it could only end up looking like an “us vs. them” situation between the students.

What angers me even more, now that I’ve gotten a little more information about this whole scenario, is that WTOL asked to attend the graduation ceremony at Woodmore High School and was welcomed by the school IF they would focus on the achievements and accomplishments of the class of 2005 (as opposed to continuing the story of the 15 students who weren’t allowed to attend). WTOL didn’t accept those terms, which really brings to light the station’s agenda.

I’m glad you’re seeing such negative reaction. It was an issue that should never have made it to the airwaves, whether the families of the 15 contacted you or not.

I appreciate your understanding my position and will gladly clarify any points I’ve made, but I really think the story should be over now.

Grant Cummings