Well, the Woodmore HS class of 2005 has graduated. My buddy, Nora, is among the graduates. Unfortunately, her graduation was overshadowed by the mindless “pranks” of a dozen+ of her classmates. Their antics alone would not have made much difference, but the local media coverage blew this up into something that was so totally unfair to the “good kids” at Woodmore. I had to follow the lead of my dad and write a letter to those responsible. Here’s what I sent to the news director at WTOL, Channel 11 in Toledo.

Dear Sir,

I am a 1988 graduate of Woodmore High School and a current resident of the district. I’m writing to voice my extreme displeasure over your coverage of the recent graduation “issues” resulting from the illegal breaking and entering and vandalism carried out by 15 seniors at Woodmore High School.

Your misguided coverage has glorified this group of students and thrust near-hero status upon them for “(not letting) a mistake they made mess up their big day.” More importantly, and sadly, it has completely overshadowed the accomplishments of the remaining 85 or so members of the class who worked so hard, only to have THEIR big day pushed aside, ignored, and tainted by the public lionizing of these 15.

I am a close friend with a member of the WHS class of 2005 and today she flat-out told me, “They ruined our graduation!” She was one of the valedictorians who didn’t screw up, who didn’t break the law, who didn’t cry to the media for attention… all she did was work her butt off for 4 years of high school and this is her reward!?!?

This is the reward for the good kids? Going home after their graduation, heading out to friends’ parties celebrating their accomplishments during 13 years of Woodmore, and then tuning in to Channel 11 only to see your coverage of their law-breaking classmates with no mention of the legitimate ceremony or the hard working students who DIDN’T break in and do destructive damage to their high school?

My hat is off to Principal Johnson for not kowtowing to the pressure your station generated prior to the graduation ceremony. It took a lot of guts to do the right thing, when doing the wrong thing would have been so much easier. He set an example and taught a lesson as valuable as any learned in the Woodmore curriculum.

I think you owe the remaining members of the Woodmore High School class of 2005 an apology; the ones you didn’t show in your coverage. They worked too hard to be overshadowed by a dozen or so “pranksters.”

Thank you,

Grant Cummings
Elmore, OH