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Stay hungry… Stay foolish.

Steve Jobs recently delivered the commencement address to Stanford’s class of 2005. I found it to be fantastic. Read for yourself. “Don’t let the noise of other’s opinions drown out your own inner voice.”


Just a quick post. I forgot to mention that we went out to Schedel’s yesterday and got some photos. It was HOT!! There are some interesting photos though… the place just keeps getting better and better! Here are the pictures we took…

Gee, that’s a shame…

Well, everything is booked for our vacation this summer! We’ll be spending 10 days in the Pacific NW again; Portland, Cannon Beach, and Husum, WA. And gee… how about this… our last night, we’re staying at a SWANKY hotel in Portland…AND to top it all off, the Oregon Brewers Festival will be going on that weekend. It’s only the largest brew fest in the nation, that’s all. Huh… wonder how THAT happened?? 😉 Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm, beer….

Elmore is bursting with GOBA!!!

Elmore, Ohio… population around 1300 last time I checked. Tonight, the number of people sleeping in this town will be close to 4500 thanks to the addition of some 3200 cyclists participating in GOBA, the Great Ohio Bicycle Adventure. The town is bursing at the seams. There’s a tent city at the high school that’s […]

In the words of Moon Zappa….



I haven’t written much lately, have I? I’ve been busy busy busy with work. Seems like I no longer want to fire up the computer when I get home at night. 🙁 One kind of cool thing I’ve been doing lately is working on editing a book that my dad wrote before he died. It’s […]

More of the WTOL stuff…

Well, I was contacted by WTOL Channel 11 and they wanted to put me on air as well as some of the kids who participated in the “official” graduation ceremony at WHS. After much thought, I declined and sent the following response to them:

Speaking my mind….

Well, the Woodmore HS class of 2005 has graduated. My buddy Nora is among the graduates. Unfortunately, her graduation was overshadowed by the mindless “pranks” of a dozen+ of her classmates.