Well, this is a post and an experiment. I’m able to post to WordPress via email, so I’ve set up an account for just that purpose and am testing it out with this post. It seems like a pretty cool feature!

I worked 6 hours yesterday so today is my day off. NICE!! We bought a fire-pit from Target yesterday… it’s very cool. We had a fire going in it for a couple hours last night as the sun went down. So cozy… and a great way to get rid of yard waste and tree limbs!! 😉

I planted the garden this AM and it just started a nice soft-steady rain as I finished things up. Perfect!! As Dr. Fisher would have said “Water’em in good!!” Didn’t go overboard in the garden this season. Just 2 tomato varieties, 4 or 5 pepper varieties (for now) and some melons. I’m also doing 2 pepper bonsai’s as in the past… a Habanero and a Cayenne… should be fun! I’ll have to dig up my photo of the bonsai Thai Hot I did 10 years ago or so…

The rest of the day will be spent chillin and then maybe working on the TV room. The subfloor needs to get done and I think I can finish it today.

Alright, time to send this puppy and see if it actually gets posted. Hmmmm… wonder if I can do html and/or images.

I couldn’t set up the email address for this to test with because the server thought I was over my quota… which I wasn’t… so now I’m going to try it for real.

Oh yeah… and it’s 12:39 AM now and I can’t sleep. Joy…