I’ve had two dreams recently dealing with burglars. In the first one, I’m living in the house in Bowling Green where we lived after college and I let the dog out in the back yard (we never had a dog there). When I let him out, he ends up chasing a burglar, wearing typical stereotypical burglar garb and carrying an open umbrella, across the yard. The burglar then leaps up as if the umbrella would help him fly, tries to jump the picket fence, but catches his foot and falls on his face in the neighbors’ yard before getting up and running away.

Last night then, I dreamed I was looking out our back window in this house and saw a burglar in the back yard… so I started tapping on the window, he heard and sprinted away… I just kept tapping on the window!

Not sure what this rash of recent burglary dreams means… but they’re starting to get a little annoying.