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Memorial Day 2005

Yesterday turned out to be pretty good. Got some good photos of Memorial Day in Elmore, which is always done just about right. Lots of reverence, lots of respect and the whole town turns out for the services. Very cool. Went out and hung out with my Grandma a little bit and then Rupa came […]

Memorial Day

Please remember all who have given so that we might be free….

Creeping up on Memorial Day

For some reason, Memorial day is always really hard for me. It was my dad’s favorite holiday. He would ALWAYS take me to the Water Works park in Woodville for the service when I was little and taught me to respect and appreciate the freedoms our fallen sevicemen and women had given us… the past […]

Planted the Garden

Well, this is a post and an experiment. I’m able to post to WordPress via email, so I’ve set up an account for just that purpose and am testing it out with this post. It seems like a pretty cool feature! I worked 6 hours yesterday so today is my day off. NICE!! We bought […]

New Blog!

Well, MovableType was starting to get a little too clunky for me….


So… who are YOU pulling for in this year’s Indy 500?? Thanks to Tony for pointing this website out. I read something about her in one of the car mags. She started racing when she was 10. TEN! Sheesh!! Memorial Day weekend she’ll be driving 225 MPH around the Indianapolis Motor Speedway… something I’ve always […]

Burglar ma’am… I’m here to burgle you…

I’ve had two dreams recently dealing with burglars. In the first one, I’m living in the house in Bowling Green where we lived after college and I let the dog out in the back yard (we never had a dog there). When I let him out, he ends up chasing a burglar, wearing typical stereotypical […]


I really love my Thursdays at the library. Not sure why… I think it’s just the decompression of it all. Maybe it’s the nice wall of glass here while my office at work is building-locked w/no windows… maybe it’s just getting away for an hour… perhaps it’s being surrounded by books. I don’t know what […]

Mother’s Day 2005

Had a great Mother’s day picnic out at Grandma Rife’s place today. Loads of photos at the above link. Happy Mother’s Day to all moms out there!!

Desire Strong Sam Beer!!!

It’s been a LONG time since Moss and I brewed together, but a friend of mine started asking me about homebrewing recently, so I’ve been bitten by the bug again. I found the hard drive to an OLD computer in my closet and pulled this old Strong Sam Beer website off of it. Some pretty […]

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