Like John Lennon once said, “Strange days indeed!! Most peculiar, momma!”

Friday, I came home and we evacuated all contents from our TV room. This includes a sectional sofa, a leather chair, and all multi-media equipment. What this also means is no TV for the Cummings household. We have one TV, and we have only one cable hookup in the house. (well, that’s technically not true b/c the cable modem comes in upstairs, but let’s not quibble over details).

So, Maryellen’s sister came and got the sectional and Andrew came and got the chair… Saturday AM I went in to work and when I got home Maryellen had ripped up all the carpeting from that room including pad. I carried the rolls out to the garage to be carted off at the next unlimited trash day.

Today then, we removed all the tack strips that had held the carpeting down (pain in the ASS work). So the room is totally empty now and awaits the electricians to come and re-wire it, hopefully this week.

View image…

Three evenings w/o TV so far and it’s actually been really pleasant. Lots of reading, talking, music and internet. We’ll see what a few weeks of it is like though.

OH… and to top off the strangeness (I wasn’t expecting the evacuation of that room so soon for the renovations… that’s why I’m calling it strange) we got several inches of snow today. One week ago, it was 80+ degrees here, today, 4-6″ of snow. Nice…

Someone find me a job out in the Northwest so we can get out of this wacky land called NW Ohio!!! It’s wacky, I tell ya!!