Not my idea of a fun weekend… I really don’t like working Saturdays.. it makes the weekend seem SO short. Anyhow.. we’re heading to the MS Walk here in about an hour or so. Should be a great time!! We’ve raised more money this year than any year so far! Pretty exciting! Thanks to everyone who has offered up their support and pledges.

The other thing that’s really great about this year’s walk is the participation of a couple of BGSU teams. I worked with both the BG Hockey team and the BG Women’s Basketball team to get them signed up and particpating in this year’s walk!! These kids are great student athletes, but this kind of participation and community service will make them great people!

Meegan and her little one, Henry will be joining us as well as Chuck, Dorie and Zach. So it’ll be a good time. I’ll put up photos later. If you’d still like to make a donation, we can take contirbutions until May 31. Just contact me, or PayPal me with your support and I’ll be sure to get it into the MS coffers.