Well, today I turn 35 years old. Hard to beleive really. 35 is kind of the age I remember thinking about when I was little, as in “wow… when I’m 35, it’ll be the year 2005!!!!” and sure enough, the old calendar held true.

Had a really nice day yesterday, since Maryellen works today. Went to the doctor yesterday AM, then came back and did a little work from home. Then to BG for a pitiful basketball game (third senior night in a row that BG has lost… pathetic) after the game, we went to church and then on to dinner at my very favorite place ever in the whole wide world… Tandoor. It was great!! Chicken Makhani VERY spicy, please. And it WAS. It was at my limits of spicyness, right where I wanted it. The food was delicious AND gave me that endorphine rush you get from eating something that spicy. PLUS, Ravinder, my favorite waitress in the whole-wide-world, hooked me up with some rice pudding and gulab jamun for birthday dessert. She’s a sweetie!

Came home then and Maryellen gave me my gift bag-o-goodies. And what goodies they were!! I got a humongous coffee mug, some yummies to eat and a 20GB iPod! WOO HOO!!!!! I dumped all the tunes from my powerbook onto it this AM and I’ve still got 17 gigs free! WHEE!! Today I’ll be popping CD’s in and out of this thing like there’s no tomorrow.

Today, I’m going to work some more, maybe get out of the house and run into Barnes and Noble or something… not 100% sure what to do. We need some groceries too, so that will probably be incorporated into the trip.


Happy Birthday to Eddo and Jeff Greene too!!