I like to go to the library on my lunch hours. It’s a habit I picked up when I worked for GlassCity Internet downtown Toledo. 715 Jefferson was about 2 blocks from the main branch of the Toledo Lucas County Public Library, so it was a great way to get out, get some fresh air (as fresh as it can be in downtown Toledo) and clear my head. Since then, I’ve been lucky enough to work w/in 10 minutes or so of a library wherever I’ve worked. I think it will be a pre-requisite for any future jobs as well.

Right now I’m at the Way Public Library in Perrysburg. It’s great… WiFi is available for a pretty decent rate (WHY ISN’T IT FREE?!?!?!) and there’s a good selections of books/CDs here. Plus I generally sit alongside a bank of windows which faces P-burg’s main street, so it’s nice to soak up the weather of the day and watch the world pass by as I pump iTunes into my aural canals, surf the web, and/or do a little writing…

One beef I have today, is a guy having a LOUD phone conversation on his cell phone. I mean, it’s a library dude… come on!! He took the call, and you know, OK, I thought hey, that’s fine, let them know you’re at the library and you’ll call them back. But no… he started talking… ok, so I gave him the benefit of the doubt and thought he’d probably take his hands-free bluetooth headset and saunter outdoors to complete the call, but NO… he just stayed right here and talked… LOUDLY… Grrrrrrrrrr….

So anyhow… I guess I’ve blogged enough. I’ll probably head back to work here in a few.