To coincide with the upcoming release of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy movie in April, I’m re-reading the book. My all-time favorite book, mind you!! I think I’ve read it well over 20 times.

The movie looks interesting, but the trailer already has me wondering how true-to-the-book it will be. In one scene, Arthur yells out to a female character, “TRICIA!!” Well, if you’re familiar with the book, the female character in the book is named Trillian…(Tricia McMillan) so… we’ll just have to see.

It looks like they’re going off of the screenplay written by DNA, so I only hope it’s true to the book in that it respects and pays tribute to the genius that was Douglas Adams! If you’re a DNA fan and you haven’t read Salmon of Doubt yet, do yourself a favor and read it NOW!! It contains bits and pieces of him that never made it to the main-stream US print media. Interviews, essays, short stories… fantastic stuff!! Some of his best, IMO, lending insight into the man after whom I’ve patterned much of my thinking/sense-of-humor/writing!! He died two weeks to the day after my dad…

Anyhow… Don’t panic, remember your towel and 42.