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Well, I was a little grumpy this morning about coming in to work at 6:30 AM on a Saturday… and then I checked my email and I had 2 emails from Laurie… who is in Iraq… …kind of puts things in perspective. Thank you Laurie! 🙂


I really think I need this t-shirt… Available here.

Don’t Panic!!

To coincide with the upcoming release of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy movie in April, I’m re-reading the book. My all-time favorite book, mind you!! I think I’ve read it well over 20 times. The movie looks interesting, but the trailer already has me wondering how true-to-the-book it will be. In one scene, Arthur […]


Ummmmmmmmmm, so at the half time of the NBA All-Star Game they have some “entertainment.” LeeAnn Rimes was cute and her song, while very boring, wasn’t bad. But right now there’s this band on called “Big and Rich” and, well, they suck! What REALLY sucks about them is they have a little person on stage […]

Back up and running…

Well, I have migrated everything off of the little old Linux box that I had been running from at home. It was a fun experiment and it served me well, but 400Mhz didn’t cut it anymore and the noise and space it was taking up is better utilized doing something else! So the Blog […]

Tony’s new BGSU Sports site

Tony ( has just launched a new site chronicling the history of BGSU sports. Check out!!

Run off by the Borders…

Well, I heard some rather depressing news last night. Thackeray’s Books, a Toledo institution, is closing after 22 years of serving Toledo’s readers. Toledo only really has one “mega” bookstore, with Barnes and Noble being right around the corner from Thackeray’s, but Thackeray’s owners cite competition from just those types of stores as the reason […]