Well, we got dumped on once again. It’s been a snowy winter so far, to be sure! Friday night and into Saturday we got a foot of snow. The good thing is that it was light, fluffy snow because it’s been so damn cold! The shoveling was pretty easy though. Unfortunately, the snow, along with the wind, caused me to miss the BG/UT game because I couldn’t get to Bowling Green. Luckily the game was on TV though, so I got to see an amazing game…even if it wasn’t in person.

Hmmmmmmmm, what else? Went to Smokey Bones on Friday night and met a couple of other couples. I’ve never been one for ribs, but oh MAN, I might just be now! Delish!!

OH, and thanks to this blog, I now have a copy of the Lamar Mundane Reebok commercial from 1988!! Thanks to one of the actual actors in the commercial for hooking me up!