Things are looking pretty good lately. We had a pretty good weekend. It started out with some controversy, but nothing that couldn’t be overcome. 🙂 Saturday I went to the BG basketball game and then straight from there to Wauseon for Christmas with the Kings!! We had fun, to be sure!! Many of you know I’m not a big fan of kids, but the four King kids are something special! I’m convinced it’s because of how they’ve been raised… they don’t watch TV, they are active in their Mennonite church, and their parents give a crap!! Harrison, Kayla, Lexi and Eli are actually really enjoyable to be around!

Yesterday then, I cooked most of the day in preparation for our first “Gourmet club” get together. This is a group of couples from our church who are going to meet every-other-month for food and fellowship. It was a BLAST!! The food was delicious!! I made dinner rolls from scratch with a special cinnamon butter (modeled after some from the Texas Roadhouse) and creamed spinach. Mmmmm… The main course was either chicken or salmon on the grill. About half of the salmon was prepared on cedar planks. Talk about GOOD!!! There was home-made potato soup, some really yummy salad, stuffed mushrooms…and a cheesecake that was baked on top of a layer of pound cake and served up with fresh frozen raspberries. Oh my GOD it was good!! Afterwards we all played “Apples to Apples” which had us all laughing big time. It was a really good time.

Tomorrow I’m getting a massage!! I’ve had two prior and wasn’t really impressed with either one. One was at St. Charles hospital and was basically PT, the other was from a lady in Genoa… I received a gift certificate for a session with her… and well, she was kind of intimidating. Not sure how else to describe it.

Tomorrow’s massage is with someone I know (although I haven’t seen her in a while). I really have always enjoyed her… so this should be a much better experience!! Michelle just got her state certification, so I know she’s legit now! Hahaha… It’s going to be a “hot stone” massage, which I guess starts out using well… hot stones! LOL Anyhow, I’m REALLY looking forward to it!!

Photos from the dinner and Christmas with the Kings are up in the gallery… so check them out!